Costumes 2016

Here we are this year.

Jackson:  Marty McFly

Libby: Rey  (so was her cousin Elise!)

Cash:  Sumo Man!

Penelope:  The Statue of Liberty

Juliet:  Little Bo Peep

Violet:  Sheep

Jackson did most of his on his own with help from multiple family members and neighbors.  Libby and I may or may not have cried and yelled while working out her costume.  Cash got this Sumo suit from my sister and her family for xmas last year, so...thankful for the low maintenance kid.  Penelope made me extremely happy by dressing up as Lady Liberty- which I did when I was about her age, and she totally owned it.  Juliet and Violet were nothing but precious and Juliet did take out a couple things with her staff.  Violet had to be bribed with candy to put the hood on for the photos, but hey, at least it worked.

There is a lot I could say about the planning and execution of costumes for six kids.  But because of all that, I have very little energy or brain power to write much. This year Libby hung this up in my kitchen to keep me on track.

It was super helpful and also a little rattling to realize that this is just a tiny portion of what goes swimming around my brain on a day to day basis.  Here's to fun memories!

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