My Family is NOT a Reality Show

We spent last weekend at my parent's house to celebrate 4th of July.  My sisters and I and our families try to all be there at the same time this one weekend of the summer.

And guess what?  Nothing exciting happened.  There were no fights, no drama, no hurt feelings, and no stress.  It was awesome.

It just occurred to me, afterward, that we live in a world that presents all of the above as a good thing.  That if your family has drama and dysfunction, you're normal.  Everyone deals with it.

Let me tell you, not everyone does.  We love being together and we have an ease with each other that is a gift.  I pray that Jimmy and I can also raise a loving family as free from issues as possible.  By God's grace.

Happy Birthday America!  Though you're not exactly free from drama and dysfunction, we still love and celebrate you!

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