Art and Out for a Walk

Well, I have finally come up for air after my final two Art Class Fridays and our Art Show.  I've now turned my focus to house rental and our trip to DC!  We have decided to take the J Train to our Nation's Capital at the end of this month.  We are all excited.  We have been out walking a bit to get the kids in practice.

The art show was a success and I was very proud of all my students, especially the ones who belong to me.  Penelope wore blue lens-less glasses and her MLP hat which I thought was very artistic of her, to go to her art show dressed like an artist.  Meaning, strange.

We made bleached t-shirts this year with my "make art" slogan.  They came out great and most everyone wore them to the show.

One of my favorite projects this year was our "texture monsters."

Cash was more interested in eating a chicken leg than posing next to his artwork.

On our walk last night I finally, though she had been 18 months for 18 days already, took Violet's 18 month photo.  I have a photo of each kid at 18 months on the wall in our living room, so the kids have been talking about it ever since I told them I was pregnant with Violet.  Oh my goodness.  I just thought about how many times I said 18.  And I thought I should also put a photo on the wall when they are 18 years.  How extremely depressing, the thought of them being 18.  But at the same time how wonderful.  If they all make it to 18! Eighteen eighteen eighteen! Ah!

On tonight's walk I captured Violet's pink crocs, which she has worn constantly since she could walk.  She has nearly grown out of them and I need to retire them so maybe now that they are on the blog I will have the heart to do it.

Here is Jackson looking at some of her photos with Violet.

I love our family and I love going for walks with them.  These last two photos- photo cred goes to Jackson.  Thanks Jackson!

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