Happy Birthday Penelope!

Penelope turned 8 a little over a week ago and it was her year for a "friend" party, so we had a little celebration last weekend. After she had already had a party at Granny and Grandad's house the weekend before! She had quite the birthday this year!

It is so hard for me to think of Penelope as 8 years old. She is petite, and has been missing her front teeth for years, so in my mind she's just my little Pip! She is nothing short of wonderful and we all love her very much. 

She had a My Little Pony cake at her party in Brandon and all three of her great grandparents were there. They gave her money and she gave them lots of kisses. She got a Lego Friends set which is all the rage with Penelope these days. 

When we had her party at our house she wanted grilled cheese sandwiches and wanted to decorate her own cupcakes. I had all the girls make their own sandwich and mark it with their initial. I wasn't about to make that many sandwiches! This way it was done in 5 minutes!

The girls had fun playing easy games like hopscotch and pass the parcel. Libby was a huge help. She is my assistant in so many ways! Juliet helped me make party favors. Cash was awesome and went with the flow, jumping right in there and playing with the girls and having fun for his sister and helped be the demonstrator for the dress up game. 

Penelope had lots of little girls come because you know what? She's awesome! I'm sure glad she's my friend! Happy Birthday Penelope!

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