Costumes 2015

The Alley house is currently being rented this weekend so we are in Brandon, FL for Halloween.  We have already enjoyed First Baptist's Fall Festival and we will go to Calvary Chapel Brandon this evening.  It is nice to already have the photo session over with- now, if their costumes get messed up at least we have captured it all for posterity.
 Here they all are.  Jackson decided not to dress up, but I had him put on the George Bush mask so he could be in our photo.  Violet is scared of George Bush.
 Juliet is Rainbow Dash.  This is the second time we've had a Rainbow Dash in the mix.
 Penelope is a bird.  She wanted to be a peacock, but we both had a pretty difficult time with the fact that peacocks are male birds.  So she's just a bird.  She's my bird.

 Cash has rocked his Hulk costume hard this year.  Has been wearing it around the house for over a week.  I didn't know the Hulk had a sensitive side, but you can see here his rage stopped long enough for him to kiss his muscles.

Libby is a baker and Violet is a cupcake.  It is fun and fitting for these two to have costumes that go together.  They love each other.  

Candy! Costumes!  Fun.

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