Dear Violet

Dear Violet,

Your first month of life has passed already. I cannot believe how fast time moves when you are watching a newborn baby grow.  We are ready for bed and you are asleep on me, but even though I need sleep I don't want to lay you down...

I feel as if I could hold your sleeping form on my chest forever. And that in doing so, time would stand still for us. And me and you, Violet, would become a statue in front of a building or in the middle of a fountain at a park. We would become worn by the elements. We might tarnish or chip or fade, but our position would remain. You, a newborn baby, and me, your mom, doing nothing but enjoying each other. 

People would see us. Some would walk by, not really interested in our bond. Some would steal a glance. But some understand us. They know we are knit together, mother and daughter, in every possible way. They would feel for a moment what we feel right now. 

I don't want to take a picture. I don't want a video. I don't want a birth announcement or photos posted into thin air. I want a huge iron statue of you and I,  as we are right now, sculpted in my mind forever, to be on display in my heart until the day that I die. I never want to forget the feeling of you asleep on my chest, your breath filling me with affection every rise and fall. Your features always beautiful, no matter your expression. Your being alone making my life more full. 

I love you Violet. We all love you. You are our daughter, our sister, our baby. You are welcome in our family. 

Forever yours,

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