The Death Stare & Pregnant Brain

There are many things that go on around here that I could write pages about.  Entire chapters in a book.  Stand up comedic routines.  But then there is pee on the floor (dog or child) and laundry threatening to suffocate me (no, seriously) and 5,000 requests for something to eat, and the moment passes.

Mostly my life is filled with just that.  Life.  I am constantly surrounded with fun and learning and I overhear endless endearing and hilarious things.  I'm going to try and remember a few.

A couple weeks ago Cash did something that made a mess or frustrated me or was something I had asked the kids not to do.  (I can't remember what it was.)  I asked him why he did this terrible thing.  He told me Penelope made him do it.  I asked him why he listened to her; told him he should have told her no.  He responded with, "But mom, she gave me the death stare!"  Since then I have overheard Cash and Libby both refer to Penelope and her "death stare."  I have yet to see this, but obviously I need to get a death stare of my own because it seems to be quite intimidating and get really good results when you want somebody to do something...

There is the reading.  The requests to go to the library.  The wonderful few hours afterward when my house is full of QUIET children reading on their own, reading together, and discussing and sharing books.  The bookstore that Libby and Penelope set up stocked with original books and charged 50 cents for.  Juliet padding down the hall bringing me books to read to her.  I cling to these evidences that my children will not grow up with an electronic device constantly in hand.

There are drawings like these that I find lying around.  Better than any photograph I could take to capture the essence of my three girls.  Penelope stands on her own and Libby sacrifices herself to elevate Juliet to a higher plane.  It is super AND amazing.  (I guess Penelope is without the Death Stare in this drawing...)

It is my Cash, shopping today with his Dad for supplies to give me a home grown pedicure for Mother's Day tomorrow, that makes me feel special.  Cash announced to my friend that he was going to give me a pedicure for Mother's Day.  He then followed it up with, "We have a pedi-file and everything!"

As far as events go, Jackson was in a yo-yo contest.  We spent a few hours a couple Saturdays ago waiting for his one minute routine, which he did almost perfectly.  He didn't move on to the next round, but we didn't care.  I was so proud.  He put his video on YouTube.

I also finished up my art class year with a show, as usual.  It was great, the work was great, the kids were great, and you know I love art when I am willing to wear an extremely unflattering to my pregnant body home made t-shirt out in public.  I was proud of all my students (which includes my own kids) and their hard work.

Last week I hit that part in pregnancy where I was opening something (this time it was a door in the freezer section of the grocery store) and I hit myself in the stomach with it.  This is a pregnancy milestone for me.  There is something beginning to protrude whether you realize it or not.  It's like your brain has not caught up with your changing body.  In fact, when you're pregnant your brain is always a step behind.  Blame it all on pregnant brain.

Which is why I have now run out of things to write even though I know there is more to say.  In fact, when you're pregnant your brain is always a step behind.  Blame it all on pregnant brain...wait...this sounds familiar...

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