NYC 2013 Part One

Well, as much as I hate to be like so many other people in the world, I will admit it.  I love New York City.  I have always wanted to live there.  Probably not for more than a year or two, but I'd love to experience the city without being a tourist.  But I'll take a chance to be there in whatever capacity.

Recently my mom and my two sisters had the opportunity to stay in NYC for four days and four nights, right in the heart of the city (two blocks from Times Square) for a really good price.  Miraculously we were all available on the days it was available so we jumped on it.  The four of us have always dreamed of taking a grown up trip together.  And so we did!

We packed our days full and I took over 800 photographs but I will try to highlight my favorite moments for the sake of the blog.

Here is the lobby of our apartment building.  Super nice.  Gloved men helped push the revolving door for us every time we went in and out.   I never even thought of doing something super tourist-y like asking one of them if they would pose for a photo with me, but I sorta wish I had.  It would have been funny.

Our apartment was super nice and very space efficient.  My favorite space was the bathroom.

As I was researching for our trip I learned about all the different districts of the city.  (I also made a list of all the movies I have seen that take place in New York City.  I watched You've Got Mail while packing for the trip.)  The first morning we headed to the Upper West Side.  Our subway stop spit us out right next to Gray's Papaya, which is in the aforementioned movie.  Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan stand in the window and eat a hot dog.

Eventually we entered Central Park.  I had downloaded a cool Central Park app and one of the highlights was reading about Bethesda Fountain, and the sculpture "The Angel of the Waters" and how it was based on John chapter 5 when the angel stirs the waters.  (This fountain has also been in quite a few movies/tv shows.)

We also saw some street performers.  This guy jumped over all these people.  Pretty amazing.  The bag in the foreground was one of the huge ones they went around with to collect your money if you were standing watching.

We went into the huge glass cube underground Apple Store that is very very very very cool to see.

Later that day we walked through Chelsea Market.  I read about this in my research.  It is an indoor walkway (the longest in NYC) inside the old Nabisco factory.  Full of restaurants and kitchen supplies and groceries.  Super cool.  I bought a retro poster in "Chelsea Market Baskets."

After eating standing up at a taco joint in Chelsea Market we took the Staten Island Ferry to...Staten Island.  But we just got right back on and went back to the city.  It is free to ride and my sister knew to time it so that we left at sunset and got amazing views.

My favorite lady.

The next day we hit the MET.  Obviously this was a must for me.  I had all my must see paintings lined up.  I am not afraid to say that with all the art available to see in the whole museum, I was most excited about seeing a Chuck Close painting in real life.  After seeing so many in art books, I had always noticed of course how large they are.  I knew a tiny copy in an art history book was not the same as seeing it in person must be.

I was not disappointed.  The two they have there are amazing.  (Unfortunately none of the works the MoMA has in its collection were on display.  More about the MoMA later in part two.)

Funny, this lady seems to be following me.  When I saw this humorous painting in the European paintings section I remembered my blog and our trip to Epcot earlier this year...

This is Penelope in "France." Hello again french lady.

That's all for part one...

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