Fourth (well, fifth) of July

We spent four days with my family at my parents lake house this past week to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Of course I planned to take tons of photos but only snapped a few with my phone until yesterday, the fifth of July.  But I tried to make up for it and have pared down what I took to a mere 22 photos.  And here they are.

The morning began with Pop-Pop taking the four youngest boys out to barefoot ski off the boom.  There was no begging or coercing.  They all went willingly.

 Here they are getting a little instruction.

 Here we are just pulling out.  Lincoln is not shown because he volunteered to go first.  Everyone is looking a little sleepy eyed, but hopeful.

 Lincoln got up!  We are all proud and excited.

What happened next though wasn't so exciting and resulted in a few shed tears and the other boys now looking like this.

Not really sure they should have gotten out of bed early for a bodily beating.  Here is Cash trying his hardest.

Lincoln, despite the beating where it counts, if you know what I mean, decided to go again.

 He was letting us know it hurts just a little.

After some breakfast we all headed down to swim/kneeboard.

There is a lot of post diving (diving off the post of the dock) since the lake is very close to an all time high, due to tons of rain.

 Here you can see Nicole and AJ heading off for a sail.

 Adam is a master at diving and I do not do him justice trying to capture it.

 Libby and Cash kneeboarded together.

Penelope kneeboarded for the first time!

 Libby and Juliet watched.

 But even though exciting, sitting in the boat can get boring.

Before dinner we got a shot of my parents with all eleven grandchildren.

And the cousins!

It was a wonderful day!

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