Disney Trip Mania

We've been back from Spring Break an entire week but I'm finally getting around to the blog and a report on our crazy excursion to Walt Disney World.  What can I say?  Here's something.  It is truly a lot of money.  But you are paying for some of the best creative talent in the world and that is something I can get behind.  We enjoyed all the rides, shows, and parades.  We were going to hit all four parks but decided to save our last day for another trip. 

Here are the cousins!  We went with Jimmy's parents and brother Gary and family.  This is the kids on the first day, first thing, getting ready to get on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  I love all things Disney, but must admit I resent the fact that you are required to go to the Magic Kingdom by ferry or monorail.  It feels just a little bit like a prison to me.  A magical awesome prison, but still, I get a little itchy all over when I think about the fact that I could not just walk to my car.  I am a little crazy, I know.  But Disney can make you a little crazy.

Here we are getting ready to go on the Barnstormer, aka Goofy roller coaster.  Cash and I sat in the very front car and he raised his hands the entire way.  (Two days later he and I rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster together at Hollywood Studios.  I thought he might be scared.  Not. At. All.  My Cashy boy is a thrill seeker!  I was proud of him.)
My baby girl.

In preparation for the trip I bought a book on Amazon about the "Hidden Mickey's" that Disney Imagineers have hidden in designs all over the parks.  Jackson carried it everywhere and enjoyed finding these all over the place.  Here is a drain cover in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom.  The pebbles around it make a Mickey head and ears.

On safari at Animal Kingdom.  Libby is getting so big.  She looks like such a young lady in this photo to me.  To have your children grow up without your consent leaves you feeling so helpless.  But then they come and hug you or giggle and you can cope somehow.

This was our first time meeting Sela, our nephew who just turned one year old.  He was a trooper and took good naps in his stroller and generally looked super cute and went with the flow.

Here is another hidden Mickey on the ticket window to Hollywood Studios.  Jackson and I really had fun looking for these.

I think Cash might be choking Juliet with his Mickey hands.  Just kidding.  In front of a Muppets fountain at Hollywood Studios. 

And saving the best for last...not the best picture (although I love it of course) I'm talking about the best ride in every single Disney park...drumroll...it's Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios.  Absolutely everything about this ride is amazing.  It is SO MUCH FUN.  It is by far my favorite part.  The design of it is great, the concept awesome, the 3D is flawless (and I'm very picky about 3D) and you get completely lost in it and truly forget where you are and what you're doing, you just want to shoot those dang targets and get a higher score than your trash talking husband!  Okay, he didn't trash talk that much.  And he did beat me.  But I was hanging in there.  And I had a 2 year old in my lap!  This is us after we rode.  Look how happy we are!!

So that's the brief version.  I left out the packing, traveling, meltdowns (mostly by me) and anxiety because all of that is definitely not what I want to remember!  I want the good mania, not the logistical mania!  It was a lot of fun.  Thanks, Walt!

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