Use your brain. Make a mess.

It has rained all day today.  We have a bit of a lake in our yard.  I was using my nifty weather channel app to check tomorrow's forecast.  I discovered that there are some (well, many) people out there in Tallahassee who tweet about the weather via this app. 

There were some funny ones...
"this weather fool"
"Its raining so bad.."
"I Wanna Leave This House But The Rain Won't Let Me"
"Y'all this rain is real live in the way"
"Why is it raining so much?"
"the rain got me in the house! LOL"
"I'm so mad at this rain.  The devil tryna hold me back!"

Anyway, the whole thing is weird.  Who are these people?  I understand that some use it as advertisement.  But not all.  Why do some feel the need to inform the internet how you feel about the weather?  It is just a little disturbing.  Write something worthwhile.  With correct grammar.  Use your brain a little!

Because of this rain I didn't exercise today.  I have started running again.  I was like Forrest Gump.  One day I just felt like running and so I did.  Only he ran for a super long time and I only make it about a mile.  And I'm not sure if what I do is running, or if it's just the absolute lowest form of jogging possible that you can do and still call it jogging.

I used to hate it.  I don't hate it anymore. 

Except after about a mile.  Then I start to hate it a little.

 I have found that music helps.   I have a pretty regular rotation between Relient K, U2, and Coldplay.  And Coldplay.  How can you not run to this stuff?  It gives my hot lungs and crampy muscles a soundtrack.  And Coldplay.

Speaking of music, there has been some shifting of furniture around here, most importantly our desk with a keyboard on top has been replaced by a piano!  A real one!  With 88 keys!  It is a huge blessing to have this form of music in the house.

We also moved out Libby's huge desk (from which we unearthed like a thousand drawings/writings) and placed our not quite complete drum set in that corner.  So I went from quiet writing space and a keyboard (with volume control) to drums and a piano.  I feel if I were to tweet about the house climate it might be something like "this piano and drums up in my face!"  But I played a little Heart and Soul with Jackson today and it made us both feel good inside.

Yesterday Jimmy enlisted some guys to help get the piano here and I had quite a bit of work to do to finish up Libby's desk mess and clear the space.  But instead of using the hour after dinner to do so, we ended up making a You Tube video.  And even though it already went out on Jimmy's Facebook page I feel I would be remiss if I didn't link to it here. 

The J Train Harlem Shake

Sometimes you just have to make a mess!  Sometimes it's the right thing to do.

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