Art Class Houses

I have been teaching an art class to home school students this semester.  It has been very enjoyable and great to watch their little creative minds work.  Yesterday for class we built and decorated graham cracker houses.  It always makes for some wonderful and colorful photographs so I thought I'd share some here.

It was quite the sugary and crumby mess.  Just the way I like art class to be.  Messy. 

Children have such innocence when it comes to making things.  They don't second guess themselves.  They are not intimidated by a blank slate of any kind.

They move forward at their own pace and most stay extremely focused.  It is inspiring.

The same day in the afternoon our pest control guy came to treat our house for insects.  It was as if we'd filled the floor with sprinkles, candy, and crumbs to attract them or something.  Hey dude, we just wanted you to see that we've been trying to attract bugs so you could keep your job...

No, but when he arrived I did start sweeping right away so he wouldn't think we were idiots who didn't understand why we had bugs while standing on a floor covered in insect bait.

I was very tired last night and went to bed early.  I had a dream about these Good N Plenty's.  I dreamed that they weren't really candy, but someone's prescription medicine.  I had to try and figure out who brought medicine and then who was crazy enough to take it out of the child proof prescription bottles and offer it to the children for their candy houses.  The house making experience obviously provided me with some really nice rem sleep.

Jackson got to come home from school early to participate.  He had quite the house but he loaded it with so much candy it collapsed.  I took a picture of the final product anyway.  I think this picture is funny.  It looks to me like his house is burning down.

It was hard to pick which pictures to post, I took a lot!  Merry Christmas Art Class!

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