Rock the Universe

Jackson is ELEVEN!  His birthday was two days ago but we celebrated at the beginning of the month with a trip to Rock the Universe.  Jimmy, Jackson, and I went to Universal Studios and walked the park and got to see TobyMac, Relient K, and Switchfoot.

We are HUGE Relient K fans, so this was a special treat.  I loved it.  Jimmy broke the rules and video taped it.  Jackson had the best birthday ever.

This is really the only advantage to having a tween that I can come up with so far.  You get to go to cool concerts and theme parks.

HOWEVER...  It was a slap in the face to be around so many teenagers.  The clothing, the random outbursts, the PDA, the foul smelling body odor...it made me wonder how in the world I will survive with having 3 to 4 teenagers constantly for like 10 years.  I'm going to spray them with Lysol.

These pictures were taken with a video camera so they're not good quality.  But it's something.  We had a blast.  Jax and I made t-shirts for the occasion.  I can't explain them.  If you don't listen to Relient K and Switchfoot (first of all, shame on you) then you won't get it.

Happy Birthday Jackson!

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