Happy Anniversary

Jimmy and I were able to spend a weekend at a hotel in Orlando a few weeks ago for our 12th anniversary.  I had grand plans to bring my camera and take photographs of the hotel room because that's what I do, photograph interiors.  I knew the design would be well done and not full of bedspreads that feel like plastic on the top and artwork that is permanently attached to the walls.

Then, I forgot my camera.  Typical.  I am the plumber with a leaky faucet.  I always seem to forget my camera (unless I'm getting paid) and can never get nice, updated photographs on the walls of my own house.  Such is life.

So the morning we were leaving I resorted to using Jimmy's cell phone to snap a few shots of the hotel room because it was, as I suspected, super nice and well designed.

I especially love the carpet.  I would love to have this carpet in my bedroom.

It is hard to tell with the low quality photos, but the walls were a very light pale blue.  Not something I would usually choose but I liked it.

Jimmy and I had a good time.  I unfortunately got a bit of a cold and laid around a lot.  It went something like this:

Jimmy:  "You want to go down to the hot tub?"
Julie:  "No, I need to stay in bed and switch back and forth between the Olympic Trials and Celebrity Vacation Homes."  It's a stressful life when you're without kids and have lots of channels!

We did both enjoy watching HGTV shows, mostly about real estate or rental properties.  We joked about how we had days off from working yet we ended up lying around watching television shows about our line of work.

Our favorite show was "Income Property."  That's what's on the screen here.  "Checks to the bank!"

Thank you my sweet husband for a great time.

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