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This past weekend we loaded up and headed south to my home town in Brevard County, FL.  My sister and her family graciously let us stay with her and fed us and endured the volume.

 My niece, Nicole, graduated from high school (and also 2 years of college!) a few weeks ago.  We were unable to go then, but went this past weekend so we could see her recognized with other graduates at church on Sunday.  It made me think about my buddies at church that I graduated with.

Here I am with Nicole and Penelope as she was getting ready to walk down to the front of the church.

And here I am on my Graduation Sunday at church.  I love these guys.  Such great memories.
The Alley's love Nicole.

And on a side note, my sister reminded me that when she came to my high school graduation, Nicole was almost exactly the same age as Juliet is now.  Crazy!

We also hit the beach three times and being at home made me miss the ocean and my home town community of leather backs, retirees, and surfers.  Seriously, I reminisced a lot and enjoyed my boogie board rides (it's amazing how it's like riding a bike) and cruising A1A telling my kids stories about my past.
Ju-Ju with Elise
I love the Atlantic Ocean!  It is home to me.

The kids loved playing in the ocean.  It made me a little nervous but they really handled the waves and currents well.  I was proud of them.

Our visit also included a visit with Jimmy's cousin, Robert, his wife Emily and their 13 month old, Henry.  We invaded their house with all the Alley chaos we could manage and enjoyed hanging out for a couple hours and letting the second cousins meet.

Cute Cousins
Yesterday on the way home we drove through Orlando to visit IKEA and pick up some furniture we've been wanting to get.  They were having a deal that if you spent more than $100 you could also turn in your receipt from your meal there and they would reimburse you for it.  So of course, we did.

 What we did not consider is that everyone else in the entire Orlando area was also going to IKEA to do the same thing.  But we made it through, then drove all the way to Tallahassee with three large boxes.  One in the van and two on top.  In the rain bands of a tropical storm.  Needless to say, we all went to bed exhausted last night.  The car trip home was hairy to put it nicely but these things make you stronger as a family.  Right?

Here we are riding home.

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Laura said...

I am in Brevard county this week with my dad. Did I know you grew up here? I am also considering hitting IKEA before I go home. I need a couch. What do you think?