Birds on a Progress Bar

Sometimes when I'm waiting for my inbox to appear or waiting for a Netflix movie to load, I wax poetic in my head about the progress bar. It comes up. You moan a little. You don't want to wait for it to move across. But since fast internet connections, usually it zooms right on by, getting to the end much faster than you expected. And I think about how fast life goes by.

Recently we had the pleasure of watching two wrens nest, lay eggs, and hatch babies in our garage. We were able to see them brand new, blind and silent, and then feathered and making their tiny chirps. In the morning the parents would squawk at me to let them out. If they had been outside all night, they would come flying in seconds after I opened the garage door.

The whole thing was amazing.

And then, it was over. I watched for them one morning and worried when the birds did not come into the garage and to the nest. So I got on the ladder (which we had placed near the nest so we could all spy on them) and they were gone. The entire process was a month tops.

Of course I cannot help but make the parallels between our life and the birds. You make your little nest, have your babies, feed them, and then they're gone.

Mine aren't gone yet. I'm somewhere in the middle of the progress bar. But it's going by super fast and I'd like to go back to dial-up and have it take just a little longer. I'm afraid. I'm afraid I'm going to forget things. I'm afraid I'm going to miss things because there's so much going on. I'm afraid I'm going to try to feed them one day and they will have left the nest!!

Okay, I'm getting a little dramatic.

But life is going fast. My life is a progress bar on a fiber optic internet connection. My birds are perched right there on it, looking super cute and changing on a daily basis. Sometimes they can get a little loud when they want their food. Sometimes they fight with each other. Often over the food. Then I clean them up and we start the whole process over again. I love birds.

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Jenn Batey said...

Waaaaaaahhhhhh...you are right...