Costumes 2011

It's that time of year again. October 31st is upon us and bringing with it a desire in my children to acquire candy, candy, and candy. I rarely eat candy. I rarely let my kids eat candy. Yet I go to a lot of effort to outfit my children so that they can get some. Something about that doesn't add up.

Yet it does. It's because I love them. And what mother doesn't like dressing up her kids? Although 24 hours ago I had no idea what two of them would be and only a wig for the other, we somehow pulled it together this afternoon.

Thanks to my sister and nephew Jake for the Einstein idea. Jake was Einstein a few years back.

Thanks to the internet for the jellyfish idea. And to Libby for looking really cute as a stinging invertebrate.

And I do not thank you, Weird Al, for your CD ending up at a garage sale and then into my five year old's bedroom, into his night time music play list, and thus into his mind to dress up as you this year. But I have vowed to not squelch their creative sides, so I let him be Weird Al. (After the photos were taken Jimmy made him a name tag that said "Hi my name is Weird Al" to aid him in answering questions.)

And thank you God, for sending a miracle my way and allowing me to capture Penelope smiling naturally. It almost never happens.

Lastly, thank you Juliet, for being on the exterior of my womb this year, for being such a good baby, and for sitting quietly in your high chair while I photographed everyone outside, then smiling at me like this when I came in. I love all of you!

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Darcy said...

Catching up on your blog! LOVE ALL THE POSTS! Your costumes were awesome! I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!