Life Sucking Goldilocks

Tonight we took a family trip to the home improvement store. Myself, Jimmy, and our five offspring. There was purchasing of paint, the use of the public restroom, people taking off their shoes, and the regular behavioral issues involved with shopping carts and merchandise you don't want to have to purchase. I never thought we'd make it back to the terribly hot van. It was, in three very sarcastic words, lots of fun.

As we were navigating our way to the checkout, Jimmy turned to me and said, "Do you sometimes feel like the kids suck the life out of you?" He wasn't angry. Just contemplative. And, thinking of my breastfeeding infant, I understood (dare I say more than him) what he was saying. And then I thought of pregnancy. Even more life sucking going on. In the car he referenced Indiana Jones. And what happened when that guy looked at the Ark of the Covenant. As if the children cause our true selves to completely melt off our skeleton. And while the kids add numerous blessings and complete bliss to our life, it can still feel like that at times.

This afternoon Libby brought me a story she and Cash had worked on together. It was called "Goldilocks and the seven Alley's." It involves the Alley's going off to Publix and a girl named Goldilocks coming to their house while they are gone. I will quote from page four:

"Then, inside, Goldilocks saw sandwiches. They looked very yummy. And there was milk from mom's breasts." (drawing of a bottle)

She then proceeds to eat four peanut and butter jelly sandwiches which are "too yucky." Then, she tries two ham and cheese which are "too gross." Then, a picture of Goldilocks drinking from the bottle... "'this milk is just right...' Goldilocks said not knowing that she was drinking from mom's breasts."

The Alleys' come home and are happy to see Goldilocks, and ask her to join them to eat. But "Goldilocks ran away as fast as she could feeling very, very, very sick."

And the last page says...

"When Goldilocks was gone for good, all of the Alley's, EVEN JULIET, was scratching their head."

After family outings Jimmy and I may feel like we've been sucked dry. Meanwhile, our kids are so full of life and creativity it makes us scratch our heads in wonder for real.


Darcy said...

The Alleys are nothing short of AWESOME!!

Aunt Soosin said...

HUH-LAIR-EE-OUS!!! I love my Alleynieces and Alleynephews! Can't wait to see you guys!

allhisblessings said...

Laughing. Out. Loud.

The Farmer Takes a Wife said...

The J Train never disappoints! Oh, and congrats on your new house. I wish I could have seen your old one, those photos are amazing! It was beautiful.