Here is my precious newborn baby. Can I just say that there is nothing like it? Holding and loving a newbie. Feeling them against your chest. Kissing their soft skin. Listening to their little breath and feeling it against your lips as you kiss them. Holding out your finger so they can clutch their little fist around it. It makes my heart full of life and hope. My sweet girl is one month old and has been really good and is getting so big already. Here she is hanging out in her crib.

I was lucky to get a smile in her sleep.

Here's the peanut gallery who had to view every picture on the back of my camera as I took them.

Juliet and Cashy-boy. All her big brothers and sisters like to hold her and kiss her.

And this is what she looks like most of the time...she lays on the floor and watches all the chaos that surrounds her!

Sweet angel! We love you!


Sandra Bennage said...

We sat through lunch oohing and ahhing over these pictures. She is so beautiful!

allhisblessings said...

Eeek! (Squeal of delight)

She's such a beauty! That sleeping/smiling one makes her look like Cash to me. :)