Scoot n Zoom

Sometimes I think about the fact that by having five children, I've increased my chances for experiencing familial injuries. If I only had one kid, the probability of me visiting the emergency room and doctor's office would be much less. But as it is, we've actually only visited the emergency room with a child once--last Wednesday when Penelope busted her chin open on the wood floor due to an accident on the "Scoot n Zoom" toy she got for Christmas. These toys are great. A huge hit. But for some reason it locked up on her and she went over the front.

Penelope was a really good patient and as you can see from the pictures, is very proud of her stitches. (And also has really clean nostrils!) :-)


Sandra Bennage said...

Awww...so sorry for her! But, she is such a trooper! And a cutie! :)

Cecilia said...

I have the same scar...you may remember....you were probably there, that time we were in the pool, playing three step tag :-D, Welcome to the club little one ;-)