When Dad's away

I'm long overdue on a blog and plenty has happened to write about but the time has passed and I'm not in the mood to look back. Jimmy is out of town and I'm braving the home front by myself which, so far, isn't as bad as I'd feared. Don't freak out babe, but I'm sort of afraid I'll like it when you're gone. Like, I can sleep in the middle of the bed, I have one less person to take care of, I have "sole possession of the remote control--very important" (what movie is that from, anyone know? don't look it up!) and here's the big one, I can kick that whole submission thing to the curb for a couple of days. Just joking. I could never survive without Jimmy...proven to me by the feeling I get in my gut when I hear his voice on the phone or when he gets home after being out for a while. I'm truly blessed.

My friend Carey's husband is out of town too and tonight we braved Chick-Fil-A with our 8 children and no husbands. Carey and I can talk till the cows come home but we barely even spoke. We just sat there with mutual feelings. Like, we were both just waiting for it all to be over so we could go home and put everyone to bed and watch TV and forget about life for a couple hours. She wins the prize for the most battle scars from the experience though since she got lemonade poured all over her feet and flip flops. Chick-Fil-A brings me back every time even though it can be crazy on kids eat free nights. I just like feeding the whole family for less than 15 bucks and being served by an eager high schooler in a tie. For someone who is always serving other people food, I'll brave the germs, sticky-ness and mess to just put it all in the trash can and come home to a clean kitchen, letting my tie-wearing friend mop up the lemonade.

The kids have been really cute missing their dad. They keep asking when he is coming home and they want to talk to him on the phone or computer. Today Jackson wrote an email to Jimmy asking him how he was. Then at the end he wrote, "P.S. Send Money!" (Double points to anyone who can tell me where he got this from!)


Anonymous said...

Julie - You probably don't remember me from BSU days, but this is Erin Moon (now Poovey). I found your blog a while ago and love reading about you, Jimmy and your kids I'm normally just a lurker, but I absolutely cannot resist a "name that quote" challenge - the first was from While You Were Sleeping. The second I think sounds familiar but I can't place it - you'll have to post an answer!! Erin

Jimmy and Julie Alley said...

Yes, Erin, I remember you. And you are correct about the quote! I'll give the answer to the other one after I see if anyone knows. Hint: it's in a movie but originated in a song. The movie was not in the theaters.

Danielle of the Kagy's said...

I was without husband as well. I tried to call you girls but I should have tried the cell. I am not sure I was up for all of that crazy! Love you girls!

Andrea Janek said...

While You Were Sleeping!

Carey M said...

I forgot to tell you that the older couple sitting near us actually turned around in their chairs watching me leave. I can imagine what they were thinking...watching all our foolishness and mayhem :-) Only 24 more hours now until the 2 most glorious words in the English language...Daddy's Home!

LotsaKidz said...

The "While You Were Sleeping" quote was easy. The second one is definitely "Down Under the Big Top" (Newsboys).


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