A Dog for the J Train

This weekend we went to stay with my parents and proceeded with our plan to have this coming week to work on home improvement projects by sending the boys with Jimmy's parents to Brandon and leaving the girls at my parents house in Waldo. Everything was proceeding well when something I never thought would happen happened.

There is this thing about being a Christian. You sometimes feel called to things and have no idea why. This is what happened to me this weekend. Just yesterday, actually. We got a dog. It just sort of happened and for some reason I feel totally okay with it. I'm still wondering if I was possessed by the ghost of a dog-lover or something because I have no idea why I wanted this dog, but like I said, sometimes you feel like you're supposed to do something and it's just not something you ever thought you would do.

So we have this dog, she is a black lab named Bella. She is nine months old, so still a puppy but not a newbie. My Dad helped us get her--it was a man from his church who asked if he knew anyone who would like two black lab pups. Dad said "No" and then a matter of hours later we went and picked them up. Dad's going to keep the other one, her name is Abigail. He may and try to find a home for her, but she's already pretty attached to him.

Last night I laid in bed thinking, basically, "What was I thinking?!" and also things like: Will my house get really gross? Will I be able to teach her to obey? Will I smell like a dog? Will I be able to resist the urge to wash my hands every five minutes? Are we stupid to take on an extra expense? Am I even a dog person? Why, God? Well, I'm going to find out.

After getting her, we had to decide whether or not to keep the already made appointment to get her baby maker turned off. So here I can't even make this decision for good in my own life, and now I have to decide it for my dog which I've only had for a few hours. I just always wanted to see a dog have puppies, and I also just really love pregnancy. Anyway, with the voice of Bob Barker in my head, we decided to control the pet population and she will be getting fixed on Wednesday. The appointment was close to where my parents live so both dogs will be with my parents this week and will have their motherly fates decided together. We will get to bring her home next weekend.

So there it is. Just when I don't think I have any news to post on the blog...we get a dog. It really is a pretty crazy ride around here.


Maranatha said...

Wow Julie! I hope that never happens to me! I'm sure u will have lots to blog about now. Guess you've seen Marly & Me? If not, you better. I see a book in your future....

Danielle of the Kagy's said...

I feel so happy for you and your family. Dogs can be the best and worst thing ever all at the same time! What a great dog to have for your family too. The Kagy's LOVE LABS! Hopefully we will join you sometime in the near future with another dog to add to the fun!

allhisblessings said...

Holy cow, I didn't see that one coming. But then again, I guess you didn't either! Is she going to be an "inside" dog?

Meagan said...

good for you! dogs are so awesome. we have a chocolate lab and he is SO sweet with the baby. i grew up with mostly cats and a couple of dog trials that didn't quite work out. i hope bella brings only joy to your home and that her love overpowers the doggie smell, hair, and occasional drool. lucky for you, labs don't usually smell too bad and are pretty low-maintenance hair-wise. good luck!