Brain Lotion

Tonight Libby tried to sell me some brain lotion. Penelope (who has been playing babies lately...so cute) was putting some pretend lotion on her baby and I noticed and praised her for it. Libby said, "That's brain lotion. You put it on your brain and it makes your brain feel good." I said, "Oh, I'd like some of that," thinking the pretending would end there. But she then went on to tell me the different parts of your body you can put it on (I had begun changing and dressing Penelope and wasn't paying much attention) and asked me if I wanted some. Snapping out of it and realizing she had been talking to me, I bent over and closed my eyes and asked for my brain lotion. She pretended to pump it sort of over the top of my glasses so it would go into my eyes saying, "If you put it in your eyes it gets to your brain faster because your eyes are close to your brain." I think she must use the lotion a lot because I think her brain works a lot better than mine sometimes.

So here I sit, typing a blog, hoping it will relieve the pain in my own brain. We just got back from a trip so I'm coming off of four plus hours in the car. I am going to share some pictures of our weekend in Brandon with Jimmy's family. His brother Gary and wife Sharon live in Israel so their once a year visit is special and especially so this year because they brought their new baby Sa'ar this time. I am Aunt Julie again and he made it as sweet as it could possibly be with his big smiles and soft round baby head. We helped to throw Judy, Jimmy's mom, a 60th birthday party and also met Sharon's sister, Rachel, (who introduced us to the next coolest game ever) and her two children, so that meant lots of kids and company on the premises at all times. But also lots of fun and excitement. Welcome to America, Sa'ar! Happy Birthday, Judy! We got you both gifts--Brain Lotion! If it existed, that would have been a great idea. A smart baby and some extra help for the aged. Just kidding. Neither of them need it.
Cash and Shaya with their painted faces.
Libby had a great time holding Sa'ar.Here is Judy blowing out her last candle. The 60th on one of 60 cupcakes in the shape of a 60.The Alley grandkids. Complete with leftover face paint.Here is our new nephew. He is just as squeezable as he appears to be.

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allhisblessings said...

Oh he DOES look squeezable! Love that last pic of him. So, what's the new game?? (hanging on the edge of my seat)