Park Fun

I have always restrained from photographing my children at the park. I'm not sure why, but I think it may be that I feel I should be a bit more creative since I am a "photographer". Also, I'm pretty occupied at the park, making sure no one falls off anything that's higher than they are tall. (A good rule of thumb.) It may also have something to do with the fact that in the first photography class I took in college, on the first day, my professor told us we would fail any assignment if we took pictures at Lake Ella, a local park here where you always see people taking pictures. It's really not very scenic at all and full of sick looking ducks. And people living in their car. And strange musicians. And couples who always seem to be in deep make it or break it relationship discussions. Anyway, I digress.

Sunday Jimmy had to leave for a few hours in the afternoon to clean and I decided to do something to get out so I took everyone out of the house to the park (NOT Lake Ella). And, feeling guilty that I haven't taken any pictures in over two weeks, I decided to bring the camera. Unfortunately the park was crawling with people but for some reason I decided not to care what anyone thought and did what I could to get good shots even if I was being watched or in other people's way.

The kids had SO much fun and so did I, watching them and photographing them, just feeling grateful for the gifts and memories I was being given. Thanks for the fun day, my lovelies. You guys are the best.


Lori W said...

so cute!!!

allhisblessings said...

Love the one of Pippi in the tunnel!