Chaos and Wishes

Today the word of the day seems to be chaos. This morning Jackson was reading to Libby and he asked me "Mom what does c-h-a-o-s spell?" and I told him. Later, someone asked me how home school was going. I said, "It's chaos." And it is. Most of the day is pretty chaotic, actually. I don't really know how I get anything done, but somehow I do.

Tonight after dinner they had a blast playing in the Pack-n-Play which was set up in my room. Cash and Penelope were flirting through the mesh side and cracking each other up. They were all more than willing to pose for some pictures. Within a space of five minutes they were all over the place, balancing, jumping, piling on top of me and each other. How do kids spell fun? C-H-A-O-S.

I can't even begin to think of how many times in the day I hear, "Mom, look..." and they want to tell me or show me something they've done. I wish I had the perspective of a few decades so that I could really revel in how amazing it is to observe little minds absorbing the world around them. Tonight Libby told me she wrote a song and I willed myself to sit perfectly still and stare into her little face while she sang it to me. Afterward I wrote it down so I would not forget:

"When I make wishes
I get 'em in my head.
When I don't make wishes
it means I don't have a head.
So, I make a lot of wishes."

I've been making a lot of wishes myself lately. I've been wishing I was a kid. Not only do they have more fun than me, they also seem to get to do all the things we adults aren't allowed to do anymore. Because we know better. But sometimes I wish I didn't know better. I wish I could just lie down in the middle of the parking lot and cry because I'm hot and tired. I wish, if someone asked me to do something I didn't want to do, I could just look them in the face and say, "NO!" I wish, if I did something bad, I could pass the blame by yelling, "Not me!" I wish, when I was full of grumpiness and the blahs that I could forget all my woes just by eating an animal cracker. I wish I could play in the dirt or mud and then have someone else get me undressed, lift me into the bath, and wash my hair. I wish, if I was busy doing something, but I had to go, that I could just pee my pants. Just kidding. I don't wish cleaning up pee on anyone.

Anyway, I think it's good to make a lot of wishes. Because then you have a head. And you can spell words like chaos.


Darcy said...

You are awesome Julie! How is it that you can always make me laugh out loud? I miss you and need to get my butt in gear with "the book." You are an inspiration, and not in a Chicago kind of way...at least not for me.

Sandra Bennage said...

I woke up this morning and wished I could call in sick. :)