The greatest show on earth

So, my parents were here the last two days and left this morning somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m. They are on their way to Alaska. (after a week stop in Arkansas, I'll explain below) I am excited for them and enjoyed seeing just a small portion of their ultra-organized packing job/travel set-up. We gave them our video camera when they got here, but before they even arrived Dad had already rigged his bicycle helmet with the ability to attach a camera. He plans to be a living breathing moving tripod while cycling and kayaking the Alaskan wilderness. I'm not joking when I say that I hope he doesn't get mauled by a bear and the footage ends up on T.V. While they were here my mom said, "Jim, someone told me we should wear bells to scare away the bears." Dad just huffed and said, "We can make our own bells with beer cans and rocks. You drink the beer first, then you're crazy enough to venture out where the bears are." (This is especially funny because my parents are so straight laced and non-alcoholic that my mom recently reluctantly allowed wine in the house to cook with.)

My parents enjoyed reveling at the chaotic entertainment my house provides. My Dad was here and kept my oldest three when Penelope was born, and he described this place like a weather system. Sometimes it's totally calm and serene, but all of a sudden a storm or squall can rise up with little to no warning. You just have to ride the storm, then deal with the damage once it passes.

Today, I would describe it as a circus. At breakfast I was provided a musical number to the Newsboys, complete with underwear dancing and lip-syncing. (Jackson is totally into the Newsboys. Take me to your leader, son.) Then, for our next act, I managed to fit three car seats in the back of Jimmy's car (the van is getting new tires) and drive everyone to the park to meet my friend Tara so I could exercise. In the left ring, I took off Libby's underwear and she peed in the grass. Then began the circus parade of walking/jogging/sympathizing mommies around the playground while six monkeys did their swinging/sliding/climbing acts. Penelope was fussing, got her precious chubby leg pinched by the stroller buckle, and I then did lunges while holding her in one arm and holding Cash's hand with my other arm. Jackson went home with Tara to play, and I took everyone else home, with Penelope crying (loudly) the whole time. I got her to bed. And now, if you'll direct your attention to the center ring, it's my favorite part of the circus. All preschoolers will watch an amazing, glorious and wonderful thing called Sesame Street while mommy takes a shower to wash off all traces of poop, pee, blood, sweat, and tears. This circus is ready for intermission (nap time) and it's only 10:30.

Well, there's other news to be told, but nap time is ending and the circus is about to begin again. I am packing for a trip to Arkansas. We are traveling there for my Grandmother's 90th birthday. I have been working on a slide show of pictures of her for her party. So this circus is hitting the road in four days. Anyone want to come? We've got one open seat in our van. It's the greatest show on earth! It's free, you just have to pay for gas...

Here are some pictures. Dad and his set-up, Jackson in the middle of one of his dance moves, and Penelope looking cute in the bath (my mom took the photo). Also, recently Cash has begun dunking his head underwater in the bathtub. Tonight I was able to capture him doing it. Pretty crazy. He can join the circus as the amazing breath holder or something.


allhisblessings said...

They're DRIVING to Alaska?? Your parents are so cool Julie. Think they'd let me come on their next trip?

Lori W said...

your dad rock. that is all.

Newberry said...

ha! that helmet cam is awesome. in Montana we call bear bells "dinner bells" because they're pretty much a tourist trick...tourists believe anything. It is true that you need to talk a lot and make noise so you don't surprise bears...but those bells aren't going to do squat. You're better off yelling, singing, and carrying bear spray.