In the last month...

A lot has happened in the last month. Lots of things that would probably be good fuel for my blog. It's too late now though, the inspiration has passed. However, I'll try to give the highlights.

In the last month...

I celebrated the 100th day of school with the kids. We counted lots of things, measured out 100 feet and inches, did things for 100 seconds, etc. (see my Cheerio post) I can't really think of a funny moment or highlight of this, and that's probably because I have been inhaling the smell of dry erase marker for the last hour. I just discovered Jackson left the lid off. Now that I'm high, I'll continue.

We traveled to Brandon to see Jimmy's family on Easter weekend. Jimmy's brother, Gary, and his wife Sharon were there. We went strawberry picking in a field they rarely open to the public and picked strawberries called "treasures" which Gary kept handing out and pointedly saying, "want one? it's a treasure." While picking, Cash just kept grabbing these treasures and throwing them across the field, leaving them for someone to step on. On Easter, Gary and Sharon gave us all an Easter present. It was an egg with candy, Easter grass, and an ultrasound picture inside. They are expecting a baby in October! I am very excited for them, and laid in bed thinking about it a lot that night.

Just two days later, my friend Carey called to tell me she found out she is expecting twins. I then lost approximately two nights of sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about this. I haven't yet figured out why, I guess I'm just living through her because I always said I wanted twins. But do I wish it was me? NO! :-)

My house stooped to a new level of dirty when I discovered dried up spaghetti noodles dangling from the rung of one of my dining room chairs. I tried to document this but it isn't as gross in a picture.

Spring Break arrived. We traveled to Vero Beach and stayed with the Walworths and other friends for two nights. The highlight here for me was definitely taking Jackson out into the deep water of the Atlantic ocean and jumping the waves with him. I miss the ocean I grew up swimming in!

After Vero, we drove to Indian Harbour Beach to stay with my sister. We were there for two days and visited my other sister in Merritt Island twice. Much of this is a blur, but we celebrated my brother in law's birthday, and my niece's birthday. My sister Susan made lasagna and her husband Willie introduced us to the Farting Preacher. Men of the cloth have gas too.

Wednesday of Spring Break we experienced what I'm calling "poor man's Disney World." We did all the free stuff you can do in Orlando, such as a boat ride off the Disney boardwalk (intended for those staying at the expensive hotels, but they let you look around for free) and Downtown Disney. (Instead of buying personalized mugs in "Lego Land", you can just take their picture.) The day, I'm sorry to say, was pretty miserable, between the heat and the tired children but hey, at least we didn't pay big bucks to get tired, cranky, and driven to the point of insanity.

We ended Spring Break by staying at my parent's house in Waldo. Jackson got to knee board. This has been a difficulty every year. He begs to go, and then backs out literally at the last minute. Like, right before grabbing the rope. I got myself down into the freezing cold water to help him and he tried to back out again but I wouldn't have it. I felt like I had truly recovered from childbirth when I got to slalom...on the same day, Penelope turned 5 months old.

Cash got to celebrate his 2nd Birthday with all his cousins and an elephant themed party and cake. I rescued my cake from the brink of disaster and was able to salvage the poor elephant without too much damage. It wasn't totally ghetto, but pretty much. On the parts you can't see in the photo, there's no icing.

One more thing. We purchased a trailer. Jimmy found out they are not renewing his position next year, so this is an investment property that will provide us with extra money since it is currently rented out. And some time after closing, I discovered that now I have everything I've ever wanted. An unemployed husband, four kids, government aid, rotting teeth, and a trailer. At least I'm not pregnant.


Carey M said...

I'm still laughing....I think you should've added "with twins" to the last sentence ;-)

allhisblessings said...

You guys rock! I've always wanted to be a slum lord!

Debbie said...

By any chance, is that Elise in one of your pictures? Is she your niece? I am her music teacher!

My daughter, Caroline, sent me the link to your blog and I've enjoyed reading your entries.


Lori W said...

Can I tell you how much I love Jackson's expressions in both group shots...he cracks me up!! And that I can totally hear Gary trying to get everyone to take a "treasure"? I miss the Alleys like crazy! Love you guys!

Darcy said...

Your entries always make me laugh out loud!!