Lucky pink

We're not superstitious about anything, really. Except clothing, I guess. Last week I went for my routine ultrasound for this pregnancy. You know, they measure everything and check out all organs. And, of course, they look between the baby's legs to see what's there. Or what's not. The morning of my ultrasound I had to wear this particular pink maternity shirt. I wore it when I found out Libby was a girl. (I also wore it when I found out Cash was a boy, but that was really just a last ditch effort. I was pretty confident I was carrying a boy.) I call it my lucky pink shirt and I accompanied it with some girly looking socks with flowers on them.

Well, it seemed to work because my baby is a girl. Libby was present and said, "She will belong in my room!" I told the technician doing my ultrasound that I wore my lucky pink shirt but she didn't really seem to care. Whatever. I think it works!

Jimmy has a shirt (a sports jersey) he wears when we're in the delivery room. He put it on when we were leaving to go to the hospital to have Jackson. He said, "I'm the coach, I need a jersey!" and I thought he was crazy. But he's worn it for every birth so far. Since I've had pretty easy deliveries, I'm sure I'll ask him to wear it just one more time. We should auction off our superstitious pregnancy and delivery clothing when we're finished with it. Pink shirts and sports jersey's. All you need for a baby girl and a painful (but relatively short) delivery.


Jeremy's fam said...


LotsaKidz said...

How fun is that! A girl! That should even things out for awhile. (Why did you just roll your eyes?!?)

I sure was glad to find a new blog entry. I was beginning to think you had gotten lost in New Jersey.

Congratulations! KSHF

Danielle said...

yea! Another girl! Congratulations!

allhisblessings said...

yea!!!! Girls! We love girls!

soosin said...

WOO HOO! I get to buy more pink stuff! I just love nieces!
Love you guys!

Darcy said...

Thanks for making me laugh...I needed that. I miss you!!