3 valentines, 2 adults

Even though I have been a mother for over five years now, I have realized that isn't really all that long. I am just starting to realize that Jimmy and I are losing. We are out numbered 3 to 2 by these wonderful creatures. What tipped me off, you might ask?

Was it the discovery that I no longer listen to any music except Bible Songs, Veggie Tales, Baby Mozart or Raffi while driving in the car? Or maybe it's the fact that every time I go to a store I seem to end up walking up and down every toy aisle only to end up forgetting something "essential" like MAC and CHEESE or PB&J. No, it must be that I have become somewhat like Inspector Gadget...Someone gets snotty, sticky, or germy and it's "Go Go gadget WIPES" and out they come in a flash.

No, none of these things (though good evidence) made me realize how much things have changed. It all hit me tonight in the grocery store. Do you remember (or maybe, if you have not yet had kids, you still do this) when you used to shop for groceries and everything you needed would fit in the front part, the part where a kid sits? Then you get married, and, while you still use the kid seat, you now can fill up that and part of the largest part of the cart. Then you have your first child and are excited about the baby taking up the part intended for a child. All is well. You still have room for your food. But tonight, we didn't even get to the first aisle and I am already utilizing the BOTTOM of the cart. Yes, it's true, there is a use for the bottom of the cart for people besides those with a desire to buy 50 pound bags of dog food. It's there for me, the mom with enough children to fill up the cart in the parking lot before even getting in the door. It was at this moment tonight that I realized how outnumbered we are.

And now, I am having a horrible feeling of horror and anxiety because I think I may have written about this before. Is it de ja vu? Or did I just think about writing it? Or did I really write about it.

Well, I am too tired to peruse my own blog to find out. Just ignore it if I've said it before. Here is a picture of my cuties on Valentines Day and another picture that proves happiness is a four letter word. C-A-S-H. And not the spendable kind. The kissable kind.

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Carey Mitchell said...

Those are some DANG CUTE KIDS you two make....:-)