Murphy's Laws of Home Economics

A Disclaimer: Some of these things have happened to me, some have happened to you. I love my life. I have wanted nothing else but to be a home economics expert. This list is not a complaint or meant to be negative about my situation. It is just life. If you have any to add, by all means...

The Murphy's Laws of Home Economics

About the house:
•If you have mopped your floor within the last 24 hours, you will spill something on it.
•If you go to the effort to save coupons, you won't need them. They will crowd your countertops and clutter your home. But when you need one, you won't be able to find one anywhere.
•If you don't have time to water your plants, it won't rain. When you finally get around to watering them, it will, of course, rain. Hard.
•If you have just begun your last load of laundry after searching high and low for everything dirty, you will find a pair of dirty socks. You will run to the washer only to discover it's already begun spinning.
•If you have decided to finally clean the bathroom sink after putting it off for days, your husband will decide it's time to trim his goatee and shave, leaving numerous tiny hairs in and around the sink.
•If you have cleaned your stove top to a shining gleam, look out! Soon something will boil over.

•If you go to the trouble of packing a diaper bag full of things you might need in an emergency, you won't need any of it.
•If you forget your diaper bag, your child will spit up, poop, and pee on himself, his clothes, your clothes, and anyone else around.
•If the sanity of your busy day is contingent on your baby taking a good nap in the morning, he will not. To make matters worse, he will fall asleep five minutes before you have to leave.
•On the days you have to get your child ready for an appointment, she will sleep late and you will have to wake her up. On the weekend when you can sleep in, she will be up at the crack of dawn.
•If your daughter loses her dolly, you will search high and low, and, when you can't find it, you won't replace it because you're sure it will turn up. Six months later her Nana will buy her a new one. Within a week, her old dolly will be found.
•If you are potty training, go ahead and try this one. Sit your child on the toilet for hours on end. They will not go. Not even a drop. As soon as you give up and allow them to run around, they will pee all over the floor within minutes.


Sandra Bennage said...

Girl, I've had all of those happen except the last in the parenting section. I expect that to happen with Ranen. :-)

Thanks for this post, I had one of those days the involved lots of the items you listed.

soosin said...

I've had it all happen...just variations on a theme. You know...

Can't find the stamps you KNOW you bought...give in, buy more, find old book of stamps next day.

Have umbrella in car for months...kids clean out van including umbrella. Rains.

Dog has been outside all day...comes in house...poops immediately.

Wait for a sale on cereal, meat, chips(take your pick)finally can wait no longer and stock up on said items...next week their BOGO at Publix.

I love that the stuff of life is common to us all. I think God really wants us to relax about stuff, so He lets things like that happen...if we're smart, we learn after only a few hundred times that none of it really matters. Sometimes it's just so darn difficult to remember.
Love you Jules!