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I am making myself write. I keep thinking I have nothing to say, when in fact, I believe it is just the opposite. There are plenty of things to say, and, after a day like today (it's rainy and we all had cabin fever) it is good to reflect on the energy, cuteness, and hilariousness of my children. I had a hard day today. I lost my cool a couple times. Tomorrow is a new day.

One of my favorite things about Jackson right now is his energy. Even though it wears me out. Tonight we went to the mall and he just started running. Jimmy went on the elevator with the stroller and I took Jackson on the escalator. He ran to it, ran up it and ran to meet Jimmy and his siblings. Everything he does is like he's been injected with caffeine. It seems he only has one volume. YELLING. Tonight at dinner he was quiet (while eating) and when he finished scarfing it down he yells out, "MOM YOU FORGOT TO GET ME A NAPKIN!" along the same volume you might use to inform someone they are getting ready to be hit by a car.

My favorite thing about Libby is (besides the cuteness) that she is totally and completely in the talk about herself in the 3rd person stage. It's constant. "Where are Libby's shoes?" "Get Libby's blanket" "Where's Libby's baby?" Sometimes she says "I". Like yesterday. After she woke from her nap she stood in her crib calling "Mom! I'm awake! Mom! I'm awake!" until I went to get her. And she can sing the "Do, Re, Mi" song from the Sound of Music. On pitch. Love it.

And then there's my babe. Ah, the sweetness of a child who can't talk yet. It's like a breath of fresh air to talk to someone who cannot interrupt you. He is such a good listener. He smiles and seems to respond at the appropriate times. My favorite thing about Cash is that you can never have enough of him. He is a big smooshy marshmallow.

And now, a thank you to the Mitchell's for the amazing swingset. I will include a picture of Jackson's energy pouring out into swinging. And Jimmy really wants me to put in the naked picture of Cash I took today, even though I don't think it's that good. But it proves my marshmallow point. Do I have too many pictures on my blog? Is it too big? I don't care.

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