a day in the life

Hello no one.

Today was very normal for me, and I realized how many crazy things happened on this normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary but the normal chaos to manage.

6 am. Asked my four year old if I could lie down in his bed because I truly thought that lying in bed with an active awake four year old was the most likely place for me to get a few more minutes of sleep

9 am. The first duel time out of the day (You sit here, you sit there)

We discover a cold front has come through and my son goes through every drawer and his entire closet getting out "winter clothes"

10 am. Lawn bowling in the backyard

11 am. My son strips down to his tighty whities and socks, upset to discover it's not winter anymore. He had no interest in putting on shorts again, it was as if there was no going back. He was still wearing nothing but underwear when Jimmy got home from work.

2 pm. Power naps for everyone. This means they don't last long, but you still wake up grumpy

5 pm. My 2 year old daughter tries to help cook and spills steeping tea (so not quite boiling water) on her arm. And while she screams in the next room (luckily dad got home early so he was holding her) I am cleaning it up, feeling guilty that I am not worried about her, all I can think is, "I'm glad there wasn't sugar in it yet, it won't be as sticky" (Oh, and the burn wasn't that bad. She was fine a couple hours later.)

6 pm. I take a walk around the block (to distract the burn victim) and up our huge hill with approximately 50 pounds of children, while singing "the farmer in the dell" (the longest song known to mom) and whatever else is requested.

While walking, I am one street over and I can hear my four year old asking my husband questions...while Jimmy is mowing the lawn! I am shaking my head, as he proves my deduction that he doesn't really always want an answer, the asking is like breathing to him.

7 pm. I successfully bathe myself and my baby at the same time, (impressive, I know) only to have him pee on my down comforter right afterwards. That's gratitude for ya

I read picture books.

8 pm. I eat ice cream. just thought it deserved a space

11 pm. I win (again) the self appointed award for "able to fit the most in a dishwasher". I win this a lot. Over and over.

Today, I am thankful for being created in such a way that I long to survive. And not only survive, but thrive. I am living, I am breathing, and I am rejuvenating on the inside. This is not of myself, so I cannot boast. Not that I would even consider it these days.


Sandra Bennage said...

Believe it or not, after the day I had, this was encouraging to me. I feel like I accomplished nothing today but distancing Adah with my bad attitude. I'll hold on to try and thrive tomorrow.

Angeli said...

hey julie, jimmy, jackson, olivia, and cash! i really hope i got all those names right..i'm going based on memory here...at least for the kids' names ;-). kristen referred me to your blog...you are hilarious. your description of your typical day is really funny, and i can't wait to be a mom just for those crazy random moments with my kids. i hope you guys are all doing wonderfully. if you ever want to chat my e-mail address is angelicollette@yahoo.com...later!

Carey Mitchell said...

Days like that are why I now drink alcohol WAY more often now than I did before I had children.

Danielle said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Can you remember what you ever did beforee children?